Animals That after hours vet fairbanks Start With S

However, swans are also migratory birds and travel swiftly for thousands of kilometers twice a year. This massive sea creature has a flattened diamond-shaped body with its head connected to its wide pectoral fins. Some stingrays have plain dark grey or brown colors, while others have white-spotted bodies.

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  • There’s another species of bird that was originally known as a swan, but they are more closely related to ducks.
  • This is a large forest-dwelling animal that can only be found in Vietnam and Laos.
  • They have a wide field of vision due to their rectangular pupils and have a superb sense of smell because of their eyes and feet’ glands.
  • They are in the genus Panthera, along with lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards.
  • Hence, I decided to come up with a list of animals that start with the letter “S”.
  • They are gathered to make various dishes, typically used in Asian dishes but can also be found in European countries.

This bird is the tallest of all flying birds and is native to South Asia and Australia. These powerfully flying birds are one of 15 species of crane. This species of shark does in fact eat salmon as well as other fish and squid.


The Saluki is one of the fastest dog breeds in the world. The following is the list of birds that after hours vet fairbanks begin with the letter S. A salamander is a four-legged amphibian with long tails and has a similar appearance to lizards. Since salamanders live near small bodies of water, they have moist and ultra-sensitive skin, which most lizards do not have. Salamanders have nostrils, but most breathe through their gills, while others get air through their absorbent skin.

Sea Otter

This bear is known for its sort of strange look and orange-colored patch on its chest. These bears tend to sleep in trees and will visit areas resided by humans at night. These bears do not hibernate like other bears because their foods are typically available all year round. This nocturnal primate is known for its very large and round eyes.

Animals That Start With Z

On the day of giving birth, the male seahorse ejects its live babies called fries. This marine mammal lives in the pacific ocean and is in the weasel family. Even though these animals can traverse land perfectly fine, they are able to live solely in water.


These lizards are across Europe and thrive in areas with hot sand to incubate their eggs. They tend to like dryer habitats, but will live anywhere with the proper sand. These birds can be found in Asia and were introduced to different areas throughout the world. Though called doves, these birds are pigeons like all other doves. These fish are thought to be from the area near the island of Sardinia.

It is critically endangered and locally extinct in Malaysia. This animal is native to central and south Asia and is being threatened by poaching and the destruction of its habitat. These animals are very well adapted to living in cold temperatures.