100+ Animals animal house fairbanks alaska That Start With S

This tiger is one of few Sunda tiger species and has only 50 total tigers currently living. This elephant is named for its native country of Sri Lanka. Overall, Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants. This particular elephant has had a decline in population by 50% in the past 50 to 70 years. This gecko is also referred to as the phantastic leaf-tailed gecko and is known as the Uroplatus phantasticus. The first name of this gecko comes from the same origin as oroboros, which is the symbol of the snake eating its tail.

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In case you could think of some other animals with S, then comment down below and we’ll update this list with that. If you animal house fairbanks alaska want names of Animals that Start With X or Animals That Start With N, then you can check that out as well. There are some other animals as well that start with S. The following list is miscellaneous of all animals that start with letter S.

  • Unlike those two breeds, this one has a normal coat length.
  • These animals are kept as livestock and are typically sheared for their wool.
  • Since salamanders live near small bodies of water, they have moist and ultra-sensitive skin, which most lizards do not have.
  • The animals have an average weight of 1.1 pounds and a length of between 15.6 and 37 inches.
  • This bird belongs to the family Anatidae and is related to ducks and geese.
  • Great White SharkSharks are a group of fish in the class Chondrichthyes.

Spitting cobras are types of cobras that can spit venom at predators and prey. Southern Pacific rattlesnakes hibernate in dens that hold hundreds of snakes. The southern hognose snake has an upturned snout that enables it to dig through the soil. These snakes live underground, beneath piles of leaf litter or in thickets, and they are expert swimmers.

Snapping Turtle

This animal is one of the rarest animals and is critically endangered. This is a large forest-dwelling animal that can only be found in Vietnam and Laos. This small bird is found all over, including Antarctica. This species of bird includes 90 different types of swallow.

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But what about an animal list where all the animals fit into other specific categories? Steller’s Sea Eagle is one of the world’s largest birds of prey. It competes for the title of ‘heaviest eagle in the world’ with the harpy eagle.

Southern Elephant Seal

Don’t worry, this article will introduce to you almost 100+ animals that start with the letter S. This antelope is critically endangered and can be found in Eurasia, specifically in the Caucasus and Carpathian mountains. These reptiles are Serpentes and most closely related to various extinct animals who are also legless lizards.

This breed worked with sheep in medieval times and defended them from predators. The southern elephant seal gets its name from its large size and fleshy, enlarged nose, which resembles an elephant’s trunk. Southern elephant seals are found on several South Atlantic and South Indian Ocean islands, and occasionally as far south as Antarctica.

They then return to freshwater – often to the very river in which they were born – in order to spawn . Included in this list are individual species (e.g. Steller’s sea eagle) and well-known groups of species (e.g. scorpions) whose names begin with S. The scientific name and conservation status are provided for each of the individual species. A full alphabetical list of popular animal names that begin with the letter S for toddlers and preschool kids. This bird belongs to the family Anatidae and is related to ducks and geese. Swans are one of the biggest flying birds with a size of about 33 pounds, a length of 59 inches, and a wingspan of around 10 feet.

Sea Anemone

Here they mate, and the females drag themselves onto the beach to lay their eggs. The parents play no part in the upbringing of their young. After making their way into the ocean male sea turtles will never again set foot (flipper?) on land.

Another strange fact about these carnivorous salamanders is that they would eat other salamanders, making themselves cannibals. We hope you enjoyed reading about all the different types of animals that start with the letter S. This extinct feline is also known as the Saber Tooth Tiger and was from the Americas, mainly North America.